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How do I reset my password?
Go to and follow the instructions you received by email.
If you simply want to change your current password, login and follow the prompts.

How do I print?
You must be connected to snu-wifi. 

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your username and password.
  3. Click on Web Print in the list on the left side and then click on “Submit a Job”
  4. Select the printer from the list available.
  5. Then click on “Print Options and Account Selection” in the lower right corner.
  6. Enter the number of copies you want to print and then click on “Upload Document” in the lower right corner.
  7. Select your document to print by clicking on “Upload from computer”. Find your file and click Open.
  8. Click “Upload and Complete” in the lower right corner.
  9. Log Out on the left side.
  10. Go the the printer and scann your ID card to release the print job.

Students are given a $15 allowance for printing in January and in July. If needed, additional printing may be purchased through the Business Office Cashier Window in Bresee or call 405-491-6308. Printing costs are 5 cents for BW and 12 cents for COLOR per page. (This is subject to change.)

Where do I get help for my SNU issued student laptop?
SNU traditional student laptop support is located in the Laptop Center in Herrick, room 143.

Why not just use SNU-Guest Wireless?
SNU-Guest allows guests to get internet access, only.  It does not provide access to any internal resources like printing.  Bandwidth is limited per user. 

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How do I add printers to my Active Directory (AD) machine?
Printers for SNU domain machines will be automatically installed on login.
Students will use, select WebPrint from the left menu, select a printer and upload their document to print.

What are the Password Policy requirements?
Password requirements are:

    • Must be at least 8 characters long
    • Must include the four following character types:
      • Upper Case Letter
      • Lower Case Letter
      • Number
      • Special Characters (symbols and spaces)
    • The last three passwords used will be remembered and cannot be used again.

What do Traditional and PGS students do when when they come on campus first time and have not previously setup the Active Directory account?

  • If they come to class with no previous action taken, they will need to connect to the wireless first. Select the snu-guest wireless network. Open a web browser in order to accept the agreement. Once the “I agree” has been clicked the Internet will become available.
  • They will need to go to and change the temporary AD (SNU Network) password. The username will be the same. The default password for new accounts is a random password sent to the email account on file. After they have changed this password to the *secure password of their choice they will be able to use it to access
    • snu-wifi wireless (snu-guest will not work for printing)