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Connecting to snu-wifi with Windows 7

1. Click the Start button and type in the word wireless. Click on “Manage wireless networks”.

2. From the Manage Wireless Networks screen, click Add.

3. Click Manually create a network profile.

4. Enter snu-wifi for the Network name and select WPA2-Enterprise for the Security type. Click Next.

5. Click on Change connection settings.

6. On the Wireless Network Properties screen, select the Security tab. Select Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP) for the authentication method. Click on the Settings button.

7. Uncheck the box next to Validate server certificate. Click on Configure next to Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2).

8. Uncheck the check box and click OK on that screen and on the Protected EAP Properties screen.

9. On the Wireless Network Properties page, click the Advanced settings button.

10. On the Advanced setting screen, check the box next to Specify authentication mode. Select User authentication from the drop-down list. Click the Save credentials button. That will prompt you for your SNU username and password. Enter those and click OK. Click OK on the Advanced settings screen. Click OK on the Wireless Network Properties screen.

11. If you were on the snu-guest network, right-click on the snu-guest network on the Manage Wireless Networks screen and select Remove network. You can now close that screen.