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Connecting to snu-wifi with OSX

1. Click on the wireless networks icon and select snu-wifi from the list.

Step 1

2. Enter your SNU username and password. If you have not set up your SNU password yet, please see the document for setting up your initial password.

Step 2

3. You may get a popup asking you to trust the certificate of our authentication server. If you do, click Continue.

Step 3

4. If you got the popup in step 3, you may have to approve the change to your Mac’s Keystore. Please enter your local computer credentials.  These credentials may not be the same as your SNU username and password.


5. Your computer should now show you as connected. It should automatically authenticate you each time you come to campus.  If you did not connect, please try retyping your password.  If your account has become locked or you don’t remember your password, please see the document for resetting your password.

Step 5